SPACEY™ - Jellyfish Aquarium

SPACEY™ - Jellyfish Aquarium - SPACEY

SPACEY™ - Jellyfish Aquarium

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The SPACEY™ Jellyfish Aquarium is the perfect product to bring life into any room! Equipped with two artificial jellyfish, it is guaranteed to bring a fascinating atmosphere, with the feel of real marine life.
Whether you’re looking for a quirky nightlight, or for a realistic-looking aquarium, but without the responsibility, our Jellyfish aquarium will transport your room into a marine world that emulates the deep ocean.

How It Works

Simply add distilled or tap water into the tank, put the jellyfish in, plug it into a USB port, and press the ON button. The motor inside the tank will move the jellyfish around in silence.

Easy Operation

The Jellyfish Aquarium is made to be simple to operate, with only 2 buttons! The first is an on/off switch and the second operates to change the colour settings of the aquarium.

Colour Changing

Create your own ambient mood, with 5 LED colour options: red, green, blue, purple, and pink.  Simply pick the colour that suits you, or let the auto colour-switching function do the magic for you.

Auto Shut-Down

Our Jellyfish Aquarium contains an original feature by which after 4 hours it will turn itself off! So no need to worry about electricity consumption. This feature also makes it perfect for children, to be used as a nightlight, as they can fall asleep with an aquatic view, but once they're asleep, it will automatically switch off.

What's In The Box

1 x Aquarium 
2 x Artificial Jellyfish





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