SPACEY™ - Galaxy Moon Light

SPACEY™ - Galaxy Moon Light - SPACEY

SPACEY™ - Galaxy Moon Light

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The SPACEY™ - Galaxy Moon Light is a stylish, mood-lifting, atmospheric, good vibe producing lamp. With a range of styles and sizes, we have something for everyone. Our moonlight will emit bright and beautiful colors in a glowing fashion. With a plethora of different colour options, we are sure you will find your favourite.

This is one of our favorite products here at Spacey. Most of our staff team own one, and we absolutely love the photos sent in by our customers. We are yet to see a room that hasn't been uplifted by the galaxy moonlight.


The Galaxy Moon Light is 100% made with 3D printing in order to recreate the moon's texture; its main material is PLA, the raw material is sufficient and biodegradable. 


Use the remote control/touch the button to change the colour and brightness of the lamp and also to turn it on or off. 16 colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless!


With the long-lasting battery life, you will be able to take your SPACEY™ - Galaxy Moon Light anywhere. You will never be far away from a full moon.

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